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Blessed Builders Sober Living Homes Residential Application

Apply online below or print a PDF application

Blessed Builders Sober Living

Review before you apply:

  1. There is a 450.00 entry fee, plus monthly rent obligations.
  2. You must pass a drug screening to receive a bed at BBM.
  3. You will be required to attend 4 recovery meetings per week (examples; treatment, church, n/a or a/a meetings, Bible study, celebrate recovery).
  4. You will be assigned a mentor to check in with as your phase requires.
  5. You get 4 weeks to get employment, you must maintain employment throughout your stay at BBM sober living.
  6. Required weekly house meetings.
  7. Chores need to be done daily.
  8. Everyone will start in a bunked up room with roommates, double rooms and single rooms are available as you phase up and beds become available.
  9. We are a Christian based program, we will pray in Jesus name and give biblical spiritual guidance.

For our full policy with guidelines and phases please go to:

https://blessedbuilderssoberliving.org/sober-living-policy-guidelines/ https://blessedbuilderssoberliving.org/blessed-builders-sober-living-phases/

Blessed Builders Sober Living Homes grew out of the need to help more people. These people needed to have a safe and supportive place to live while they work on sobriety and BUILDING a life free of drugs or alcohol.

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MON-THURS 10am - 5:30pm

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