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Opportunities & Requirements

Opportunities Available while at Blessed Builders Sober Living Homes
  • Stay sober and feel better
  • Return to work or find a job
  • Attend counseling or a patient aftercare program
  • Attend medical appointments
  • Exercise
  • Rediscover or make favorite hobbies
  • Make new (sober) friends
  • Attend Church*
  • Receive assistance in obtaining necessary services.
  • Attend NA or AA meetings
  • Visit with relatives and (some) friends, depending on their sobriety status
  • You have a curfew and any late nights or overnights will need a written approval pass
  • You must pass the initial and subsequent urine analysis tests to be staying in this sober living home.

* If you don’t have a favorite or established Church, you are welcome and encouraged to attend Blessed Builders Ministry at the Gateway Mall.

Rules We Live By

  • Zero Tolerance – no drugs or alcohol usage (verified by UA)
  • Abide By All Laws
  • Attend no “parties” or be in any bar
  • You must actively engage in achieving your sobriety and life skills including gainful employment — in other words, no sitting around and doing nothing
  • Respect and support fellow guests, respect the house and program
  • All guests must attend a monthly house meeting

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OFFICE: 701-751-0318
FAX: 701-751-2354

MON-THURS 10am - 5:30pm

2700 State St. Ste F-6
Bismarck ND 58503
(Gateway Mall)