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Sober Living Policy and Guidelines

Blessed Builders – Ministry
Sober Housing – Policy/Agreement Rules & Guidelines Recovery

Recovery is your responsibility, but the sober housing community and Mentors are always “here” to provide needed guidance and support. The following rules and guidelines are in place to support your success and assure a safe environment to live in.

In order to be approved for a bed in BBM’s sober living home, you need to pass a drug screening. If you fail a UA on intake, our board will determine if you will be allowed a second chance for intake and to pass UA. Staff reserves the right to do visual UAs at any time. We prefer 30 days or more of sobriety. If you cannot pass a drug screening or you’re not 30 days sober we will require you to get a drug evaluation with our Licensed Addiction Counselor and complete recommended treatment successfully.

  1. Substance Use: Use of drugs, alcohol or inhalants is prohibited (including misuse of prescription medications). Any “use” may result in immediate removal from house/apartment. In the case of “suspected” chemical use, a drug and/or alcohol test will be administered. (See below)
  2. Drug Testing: Guests may be tested for drug and/or alcohol use at any time as deemed appropriate by staff. THE GUEST IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY COST INCURRED THAT ARE NOT GIVEN IN THE BBM HOUSE OR BBM OFFICE. If you refuse to be tested or if the specimen has been tampered, guests will be refused admission or terminated. Staff reserves the right to do visual UAs if deemed necessary. You will have 90 minutes to produce a specimen or will be counted as a refusal.
  3. Abuse: “Zero tolerance” of physical violence or threats of violence. Verbal abuse of house guests or mentors/staff is also prohibited. Any violations will result in your immediate termination and police will be called if necessary.
  4. Property: Please respect BBM property as well as the personal property of all Sober Housing guests.
    You will be held financially responsible for any damage to your house/apartment, BBM property, or Sober Housing property that occurs as a result of your negligence or inappropriate behavior. Intentional destruction of property is grounds for immediate removal of the house/apartment and police will be contacted if appropriate.
  5. Employment: You are required to provide verification of employment. If you are attending school, volunteering and/or working part-time you are also required to provide verification of these activities. If you call in sick on a scheduled work day, you need to be at home and not doing things outside the house (shopping, pedicures, hanging out with friends, movies, etc.). If you want to change jobs, give a notice to your employer and have a new job lined up prior to quitting. If you quit your job without a new job you will be put on restrictions. Staff have the right to contact your employer to check on your employment status at anytime.
  6. Monthly payment and entry fee: You must be able to provide proof of income (staff can require pay stub verification). Monthly payment is due on the first day or fifteenth day of the month. The entry fee of $450.00 is required to move in. If monthly payment is not paid by a guest at a given due date, guests may be subject to dismissal and will NOT be refunded their entry fee/or monthly payment. If you owe a balance when you leave, you will be given the opportunity to set up a payment plan with the accounting director. If no further payment is received your account will be turned over to collections and/or legal action taken. You may be responsible should any additional fees be incurred to collect on your account. If you move out without an advanced 4 weeks written notice or if you are removed from the house/apartment, any outstanding balance will be billed to you. Costs associated with cleaning or damage done by guests will be guests responsibility.
  7. Checks: monthly payment is to be written out to Blessed Builders – Ministry and placed in drop box at guests Sober Living House or mailed to: 2700 State Street, suite f-6, Bismarck ND 58503
  8. Gambling: Gambling is prohibited- this includes playing cards for money, buying lottery tickets, gambling at casinos, or making bets of any kind.
  9. Supplies: Blessed Builders provides furniture and Household items in the House or apartment. You are responsible for providing your own food, cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, and personal items. You may be able to move in additional furniture with the pre-approval of the sober housing Director.
  10. Overnights: Overnight pass requests must be submitted to the sober housing director/manager at least one week prior to anticipated departure date. You must notify your roommates ahead of time that you will be on pass. You must notify the sober housing manager and/or mentor when you return. You may be asked to comply with a drug test upon return from pass. This is a safety issue for yourself and your roommates. No overnight passes during probation phase and phase one, unless approved by sober housing staff.
  11. Groups/ Meetings: Participation in house meetings/groups is mandatory. Guests must be on time and are not allowed to leave early, unless pre-approved by sober housing staff. Staff must also pre-approve any absence from these groups.
  12. NA AA or Other Meetings: You are required to attend at least (4) meetings per week. these must be appropriate for your addiction. It is also expected that you actively work through the 12-Steps or group of choice with a sponsor or mentor. We highly recommend getting a sponsor that fits your recovery program. If you are involved in an alternative recovery program you must demonstrate active participation.
  13. Curfew: Mandatory curfews are set according to which phase you are on. Probation and Phase 1 curfew is 9:30pm. Phase 2 is 11:00 pm. Phase 3 is 12 am. The earliest time a guest can leave the home is 6am. (Note: exceptions must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance and must be approved by the sober housing board.) Sober housing staff will conduct random “curfew checks.”
  14. Guests/Rides: NO GUESTS ALLOWED IN HOME. All Rides except for Uber or Lyft and approved family/friends, need to pick house guests up a block up or down the street to keep the home as safe as possible.
  15. Controlled: In the event a controlled medication has been prescribed, you must provide: documentation (to sober housing staff) from the physician who prescribed it. THESE WILL NEED TO BE APPROVED BY BBM BOARD • All medications are to be kept in your room and out of view. • Controlled medications and sharps must be kept in a locked box. • New and used syringes must be kept in a locked box. • Approved sharps containers must be used for disposal of syringes. • Adverse reactions to medications must be reported to your physician immediately and or Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222. Call 911 in serious cases.
  16. Community: You are important models of early sobriety in this community. We value the positive influence you have with one another at Blessed Builders. If it is determined that you are jeopardizing another guest’s physical and/or emotional well-being or sobriety, you may be removed from BBM’s Sober Housing. This includes gossip, bad talk of others, verbal threats, and aggressive behavior.
  17. Personal Property: Blessed Builders does not assume responsibility for any loss, theft, or damage to your personal property. We suggest you investigate (and if able, purchase) renter’s insurance. Personal lockboxes are necessary for controlled medications. BBM has the right to donate any items 48 hours after a guest moves out of property.
  18. Contracts: The BBM Sober Housing Manager or Mentor will intervene on any behavior that is detrimental to your (or another’s) recovery. Individual contracts may be added to your Sober Housing commitment to better support your needs. Interventions may also be recommended by the Peer Community to support community needs.
  19. Moving on: This program is meant to be a transition for you between treatment and independent living. you must give us four (4) weeks written notice before you move so that you may have time to complete any unfinished business and allow applicants on our waiting list to make plans for their own admission. You must give notice on the 1st or 15th of the calendar month.
  20. Removal of home: If you are not compliant with the above rules or are not engaged in a responsible recovery program, you may be directed to leave. Decisions are made on an individual basis with consideration for the safety of the entire community, as well as the needs of everyone. If you are removed from the house/apartment your deposit will be surrendered and any outstanding balance will be billed to you.
  21. Responsibility: To support your recovery process, Blessed Builders has adopted these rules and guidelines to create a safe, sober, and stable living environment. It is your responsibility to help keep it this way. If you know that someone is putting their own recovery at risk or the recovery of others at risk, you must report this to staff immediately. Withholding information may jeopardize your own recovery and potentially your placement in BBM’s Sober Housing Services. Together we must all protect the structure and integrity of the community and assure a safe place for all to live.
  22. Cleanliness: Blessed Builders encourages you to live comfortably in your House/Apartment. However, if your living space is not kept clean and personal hygiene becomes a health and/or safety issue, Blessed Builders reserves the right to take necessary action such as, discussions, contracts and or removal from house/apartment. To support you in maintaining a clean and healthy living environment, each house/apartment will be randomly monitored by sober housing staff on a regular basis. A warning system will be used (i.e. if your room or common area is disorderly or not clean, you will be issued a warning). You are responsible for your bedroom as well as common areas of the house/apartment. Added chores will be given and you will phase down if continued.
  23. Pets: No pets of any kind are allowed.
  24. Weapons: NO guns, swords, pocket knives, or other sharp weapons are allowed in any of the BBM’s Sober Living Homes. All cooking knives and Scissors need to be always in the kitchen and used for their purposes.
  25. Overdose: If there is an overdose in the house/apartment you are to call 911 immediately and administer NARCAN, then notify staff.
  26. Smoking/Vaping: No smoking or vaping allowed inside home or in sober house vehicles, we ask all guests to smoke in the backyard of property. (this includes sage burning and smudging)
  27. Modesty: We ask all guests to remain clothed in common areas of the house, there are house cameras in common areas. No pornography or nude pictures of any kind are allowed in the home if you are caught with either one you may be subject to removal of the house/apartment.
  28. Cameras: There are cameras in the sober living houses in all the common areas, not in bedrooms or bathrooms.
  29. Vehicles: We have house vehicles you will be able to get approved to drive while living in sober
    living homes. In order to be approved we will need a valid copy of your ID in the state of North Dakota, and you will need to pay your portion of insurance (staff will get you the cost of insurance) to Blessed Builders and sign a contract. If you are approved to use one of the sober home vehicles, you are not allowed to give any rides to anyone outside of the sober home that you live in. You are not allowed to use it for personal time. House vehicles are meant for work, treatment, recovery meetings, and groceries unless approved by BBM Board. Vehicles are not allowed to go out of town.
  30. Socialization: Pick your hang outs wisely, you are not to be hanging out with others in active addiction this can lead to dismissal from the home. Do not go to bars or parties that can lead to temptation. If someone in the sober home is removed or dismissed for any reason you are not to socialize with them, we understand they may be at the same sobriety meetings, but we ask for your safety to not interact in social/hang out time. There will be special cases to this, if someone is in good standing and is in active recovery doing well and BBM approves of social interaction with previous house guests. If BBM has any suspicions that someone is using, they have the right to stop any social interaction with the suspected user.
  31. Relationships: No relationships allowed inside the home. If you are attracted to the same sex, you cannot choose your roommates to be your partner. Both guests will be removed from the house if this occurs.
  32. Medication-assisted treatment: NO SUBOXONE or METHADONE is allowed in the house, we allow some situations to utilize methadone but only through methadone clinics. If you come into BBM sober living without approval to be on methadone or any other medicated assisted treatment prior to intake day, you will not be allowed to be put on methadone or any other medicated assisted treatment during your stay at BBM.
  33. First Aide/Blood Safety: In the case an accident would happen, and blood is involved, use the first aid and blood kit to clean up and administer bandages needed. Use gloves during any blood clean up. If there is a serious emergency call 911, then inform staff/mentor. If it is minor or you’re unsure if medical attention is needed, notify BBM staff/mentor.
  34. Issues/grievance policy: If problems arise in the house between you and another house guest or staff member, we ask you to write it down and give it to office staff. The BBM board will review and handle the situation within 48 hours or sooner if the situation calls for it. Every situation will be handled as the board sees fit. You can also put your grievance in writing to the text line 701-660-0767.
  35. Disaster policy: Fire: Remove yourself from house at the closest exit and call 911 then call Mentor or Director to inform them of the situation. Tornado: Go to the basement under the stairs or a safe place that is NOT around any windows or glass doors. If you have any other concerns regarding disaster of any kind including minor fixes or major issues call 701-751-0318 or Text 701-660-0767. If any natural or unnatural disasters happen during your stay at BBM, where your house/apartment would not be livable for a certain period. You will have to find a safe place to stay and come in weekly for drug testing. You will not be charged rent during this time but will be responsible for the cost of drug screening.
  36.  Quiet Time: Quiet time is from 10:30 pm-9:30 am in the house. This means no loud music, no activities that may cause disturbance to people’s sleep schedules. Please be respectful to others in the house who have different work schedules and need rest. Respect others when asked to be quiet.
  37. Recovery Housing Assistance Program (RHAP): If you need financial assistance for housing, you can apply for RHAP. This is a program that pays per week of your stay. This housing assistance starts the day you move in, if you are approved. RHAP has two days to approve or deny any applicant. You need to have a photo ID or proof of residency, Proof of income (if applicable) or a written statement saying you do not have income. After your 12 weeks are up. Blessed Builders will round up or down to the 1st or 15th of each month. 1st – 7th or 24th -31st will be rounded to the 1st of the month. 8th – 15th or 16th-23rd of the month will be rounded to the 15th of the month. The date will be determined when RHAP ends, not the date you moved in.
  38. Law Abiding: BBM is a law abiding program. ANYTHING illegal being done or found will be reported to probation and/or police.

**Staff have the right to implement consequences at any time they deem necessary. The other house guests will be notified of these consequences for accountability.

*The above rules are strictly enforced, and any violation(s) may result in removal of the house or apartment and no money will be returned to you.

Sober Housing Agreement: My signature below indicates that I have received (and reviewed) a copy of these Guidelines and that I fully understand the above rules & expectations and agree to abide by them. I understand that if policies and guidelines change while I am still a guest at BBM sober living this signature agrees to all new and updated policies and guidelines.
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